About Us

Cricket equipment that makes a statement

Make a statement with our modern cricket equipment that will catch everyone's eye. All our equipment is hand-picked by our experienced buyers who source only the best quality materials that are designed for style and comfort. After all, what use is cricket equipment that doesn't make you feel great? 

Committed to Quality

All our equipment is designed to last as well as make a statement with the simple but stylish designs. Our friendly customer service team are on call Monday-Friday 9am-5pm to assist you with any issues regarding quality of your equipment. For any inquiries please send an email to info@flcsports.co.uk. For all sales and after-sales please contact info@flcsports.co.uk. You can also call our Sales Team on 07437 645232. 

Our Company

Four Lions Cricket, based in Berkshire, UK, is a family run brand that was created by cricketers for cricketers. With over 35+ years of experience in playing professional cricket, coaching professional cricketers and also providing our players with the finest cricket equipment, we pride ourselves in having a profound understanding of the demand for high quality cricket equipment. Our aim is to ensure that our customers have confidence in their equipment to deliver a nonchalant performance on the pitch.  


For any inquiries please contact info@flcsports.co.uk or call our Sales Team on 07437 645232.